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May 23 2021
Friends, it just keeps happening. Another high profile unreleased N64 game has been publicly dumped online for all to enjoy, this time it is Doubutsu Banchou, aka Animal Leader and in the USA as Cubivore. This game was in development for 64DD, then converted to N64 cartridge, before being cancelled and ported over to the GameCube and finally released. The prototype is of a nearly finished build of the N64 cartridge version. Many thanks to our good friends at Nesworld.com, Marshall of Retroactive.be, Olivieryuyu of Team CARROT and Baker64 for making this all possible. Check out nesworld's article for more detailed coverage and the rom link.

For those wanting to try out Doubutsu Banchou / Cubivore 64 on flash carts, the game uses 1Mbit flash. In the Everdrive 64, add "0xEB85EBC9=5" to the save_db.txt file on your SD card, or force saving to flash. If using an ED64Plus, there is no save_db.txt file so you'll have to force saving to flash before starting the game. The official ED64Plus firmware is recommended.

March 25 2021
Has it really been that long since we've posted a review?? Well, we have a new one for you and it's about the iconic Goldeneye 007. Check out our review of it here.

March 3 2021
In today's update, we take a look at another interesting N64 controller. This time it's the Interact Super Pad 64 Plus. It goes by a couple other names such as the MakoPad 64, but its unique shape is instantly recognizeable even if you don't remember the name. Check out our article on the Super Pad 64 Plus using this link.

Feb 20 2021
Friends, today is a historic day. A December 1 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet, Rareware's long lost final N64 game, has been leaked online! Many thanks to Forest of Illusion for making this dream a reality!

For everyone looking to play Dinosaur Planet on flash carts, the game uses 1Mbit flash. In the Everdrive 64, either force saving to Flash or add "NDPE=5" to your save_db.txt file. For ED64Plus users, force saving to Flash in the official firmware (Alt64 doesn't seem to work with Dinosaur Planet).

July 22 2020
We found another sighting of the N64 in a TV show! This time it's from Family Guy. Read about it in our updated article on N64 in TV and Movies here.

April 30 2020
The N64 has had a small homebrew coding scene ever since the late 90s. We've covered some of these in the past, now we have something extra special to share. Did you know ScummVM has a Nintendo 64 port? It's hard to believe, but it exists, it even works on real hardware! It requires a bit of DIY setup to get going, but don't worry, we have freeware ROM cartridge images ready to try out along with detailed instructions. Be sure to check out our coverage on the subject using this link.

April 13 2020
Just a small update for today. It turns out there's a Japan-only game that not only uses SRAM + battery for saving, but it also has a CIC-NUS-6103 security chip, a game that we don't actually have listed in either of our Game Save or CIC database lists. That game is the original Pocket Monsters Stadium, not to be confused with Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 which we got in North America and other areas. You can find our updated Game Save Method List article here and the similar CIC list here.

April 10 2020
Today we have a big article to share with you all, this time we're covering the ED64Plus. Yes, that clone of the venerable Everdrive 64. It's a product that has seen many improvements since its introduction all those years ago. Check out our in-depth coverage on this device using this link, it's in the features section.

April 2 2020
Happy belated April Fools Day! As fun as April 1st shenanigans can be, Micro-64 isn't really the right place for it. What does fit here is hardware reviews. This time, it's for a controller by Hip Gear. Check out our article to read all about it.

March 30 2020
Another new unreleased N64 game has been found and preserved online! This one is Viewpoint 2064, a followup to 1992's Viewpoint arcade game which was originally planned for a 1999 release, then delayed to 2000 and finally canceled. Many thanks to the anonymous owner and the video game preservation site Gaming Alexandria for making this all possible.

Click here to download.

March 23 2020
There's been a couple more sightings of N64 appearing in TV shows and movies. If you haven't seen our article on the subject before, you can find it here.

March 21 2020
Over in the Database section, we now have a list of N64 soundtrack CDs. You can also get there using this link.

March 18 2020
We've been doing some custodian work around the site lately, mostly just fixing typos and clarifying vague information. One article in particular which needed some updates was our Everdrive 64 article. If you haven't read it before, it can be found in Features, or using this link.

March 7 2020
We have a new page for every Nintendo 64 "NUS" product code, the catalog identifiers for hardware and accessories. You can find the list here.

February 29 2020
It's been a while since our last update, but not to worry, we've been blown away by the advancements in SSB64 romhacking and have an article to share that's all about a mod that is changing what is thought to be possible on the humble N64, check out our latest feature on Smash Remix.

Old updates can be found here.