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The teleporter takes you outside. There's crumbled stone all around and a bad guy sitting on top in the distance. It's better to pick him off here where he can't see you. The final version will have several dead bodies and blood on the ground in this area. All of which has been censored in the demo version. There's an enemy to the left which is different between versions.

The demo will have a Raptoid which will charge at you as soon as you pass the corner. The final version has an Endtrail who will sit there and shoot you.

On the opposite side you'll find 3 Compys'. These little dinos are feeding on a dead body in the final version and feeding on nothing in the demo. Kill them with your talon and hit the switch nearby. It'll open a door close to where you fought the different enemy. Head through that new entrance while collecting all the life force on the way. You'll reach another door eventually which will open by itself. There'll be an Endtrail off in the distance who likes to duck behind cover. Kill him with a headshot, climb up the ladder, activate the switch, and move on. You'll find Raptors in the next area. Different looking Raptors.

The Raptors make the same sounds and behave the same, but they have different textures. The demo's textures are a bit loyal to the first Turok game. Here's a closer picture of each:

What's odd is the back of the Turok 2 box used a screenshot with the demo versions Raptors.

After you defeat the Raptors, climb that nearby ladder and activate a switch. A door will open next to that fire you walked by on the way here. Head back that way. You'll end up going over a bridge where a Raptoid will jump at you. Kill him and get the life force ahead.

The final version will have 5 red life here, and the demo will have 7 gold life force.

Go back to where you saw the Raptors and follow the path. A Raptoid will be there, but you'll make short work of him. There's a few difference here.

On your right, you'll see a big door. In the final version, going close to this door or trying to grab the nearby Pistol will result in the door opening revealing an Endtrail. In the demo, you need to activate a switch to get this door to open. The nearby ladder will lead you to that switch.

The ladder is a different length here. In the final version you need to jump from the stone piece to reach it.

Up top there's 5 2 health pick-ups as well as the demo's switch for that door.

There's one more little difference here. That one stone has been removed from the final version. It may have been used for an Endtrail to strafe around at one point.

Once the door has been opened and the Endtrail is dead, continue forward. You'll eventually see some fire ahead, and a watch tower behind it. You can shoot that watch tower's barrels to get some health and ammo from from the tower. There'll be a ladder on a wall nearby leading to different pick-ups.

Both versions will have the 2 health, but the demo always has the ammo box. The pick-up that will be there in the final version will be random. That spot is actually an ammo respawning spot. Every few seconds some ammo will appear there. You can collect the ammo there over and over again all the way til you're armed to teeth. When you're done collecting any ammo there, Jump down and kill the Raptoid that's around.

Press on forward and take a right. You should see a floating Shotgun which you'll get later. There's a barrel in the corner. DON'T shoot it. Instead jump on top to reach the different life force.

It's a bit tricky, but you can actually jump on the barrel and then to where the life force is. There's 3 red life in the final, and 4 gold life force in the demo. I'm not exactly sure if you're even supposed to be reaching for that life force at this point in the game. Oh well. When you have the life force, shoot the barrel and collect the Pistol clip.

Turn around, and head right towards that boat. There's a Raptoid to kill here. If you head forward more you'll also see an Endtrail to kill. There's a single red life force hidden in the water nearby, and you'll get a single gold life force by killing a seagull above.

We need to get that power cell. Its location is different here. Shoot the barrel that's close near the water.

The barrel will reveal a power cell in the final version, and a switch in the demo. Hit that switch if you're playing the demo.

That switch will open a wall near the boat. That's where the demo keeps the power cell.

You should see some boxes leading up to a ladder. Go all the way up as that's where you can put the power cell. There's a minor weapon difference right below it.

The demo gave you two quivers of arrows here, while the final version only gave you one.

We're ready to take the next teleporter. Head back to where the Endtrail was and take the door behind him. There's one last life force difference here.

The demo has 6 gold life force in and in plain sight too. The final version has 2 red ones hidden behind each door. If you've gotten all the life force so far you'll have 98 in the demo and 272 in the final. Take that teleporter, let's move on.

You arrive in a new room which will have an enemy walk by. Kill him before he sees you. There'll be a life force difference in the teleporter room.

3 Red life force in the final, 6 gold life force in the demo.

Exit the teleporter room and take a right. Follow the path and you'll see some water to your left. An enemy will jump out from there. Kill him, and then go grab the single red life force that's underwater. Go past the boats and kill the Endtrail up top. Now, let's show some differences in this area. There's some different life force on top of some crates.

3 Red life force in the final version, 2 gold and 1 red in the demo. Between the crates there's some ammo differences as well.

1 quiver of arrows in the final, and there'll be a Pistol clip between each stack of crates in the demo.

There's some bags of supplies hanging from two different cranes in this area. Shooting them will make them drop. Each has some goodies. There's a slight difference between them.

You'll always get 10 health, a Pistol clip, and a single red life force. The demo gives you all that, as well as a quiver of arrows.

Remember that last Endtrail you killed? Well there's a switch behind him. Activate that switch and it will open a door across from you. Kill the Raptoid that jumps out and activate the new switch. Two doors next to you will open revealing a Raptor from one of them. Out of the two doors that just opened up, the right way is the way you need to go progress. The left one leads to different pick-ups.

The final versions power cell is here. The demo gives you a Pistol and 2 clips. So where does the demo hide the power cell?

Try looking behind the crates in the corner.

Yeah the demo hides the power cell here. They may have moved it because it was in too good of a hiding spot. I definitely walked past it the first time. The final version will instead have a Pistol here.

That was the third and final power cell. We can now activate the distress beacon. The spot for it is nearby, next to some crates. The text you get from placing it there is different.

Acclaim originally had it all squeezed on one line. The final version looks much better.

We're done with this area, so take that path mentioned earlier. You'll see some barrels ahead. Shooting them will reveal some Pistol ammo as well as a Raptoid. If you keep going you also run into a few Compys' as well. Continue on and you'll run into two Raptoids and an Endtrail. They may fight each other. Of course, kill every enemy I've mentioned so far. There will be one wall up top with a minor health difference.

There's 2 10 Health pick-ups in the demo, and just 1 in the final version.

Just a bit further is that bridge I mentioned earlier. It will lower and you'll be able to collect the Shotgun finally. You'll need it because there will be an Endtrail across from you. Behind that Endtrail is where the final versions first Save Point is.

Entering that teleporter will take you to the hub world very briefly. You'll be able to save your game, as well as re-fill your health and ammo. You can only get those re-filled once per level so don't waste it yet. In fact, it's better to not use it at all and save it for when you've completed a harder level. This building is there in the demo, but nothing happens when you enter it. The building simply doesn't work in the demo. Even the floor doesn't really work.

That's the view you get from exiting the teleporter in the final version. Notice how much higher you are in the final version. In the demo your legs just go through the floor. Also as typical of the demo, the dead soldiers are missing.

We're done in this little area. Activate that switch on the wall, go back to where the bridge is, and jump off. You were already at this area earlier, but there will be some new enemies. The final version will have an Endtrail, a Raptor, and a Raptoid. The demo lacks the Raptoid. Kill all the enemies and head towards where the Endtrail was. There's a minor pick-up difference.

There's life force in both versions and 10 health in the demo. For the final version this is another respawning spot where you can farm for health.

There aren't any differences from this point to the next teleporter so I'll keep this short. Go through that tunnel and kill the Raptoids as you go. Climb up the ladder, activate the switch, and take that newly opened up way. There'll be a child to rescue here. Just kill the enemies and that will open up the spot where the switch to the cage door is. Go back a bit and take the other way toward the barrels. The next teleporter will be to the right of them. If you've found every piece of life force so far then you'll have 376 in the final version and 160 in the demo version.

You won't be in the next area long, as the teleporter is not far away. Climb up the ladder and kill the Raptoid. There will be a key for you to collect in the final version and an empty pedestal in the demo. Go through the little tunnel and collect the 3 explosive Shotgun shells. When you drop down you'll instantly recognize where you are. You're back in that room with the pool down below. A new door will open to your left and an Endtrail will walk out. Blow him up with the Shotgun.

In the final version there will be one more Endtrail below that's not present in the demo. Don't waste your ammo killing him though, he's too far away from you and isn't really a threat.

When you enter that new room you'll see a Check Point in the demo, and nothing in the final version.

The Check Point is the exact same as the one earlier. You can see the teleporter straight ahead, but there's one ammo difference next to it.

A Pistol clip in the demo, and 5 arrows in the final version. Nothing too exciting.

Like I said, this is a short area. Take that teleporter when ready. Your amount of life force will not have changed from last time.

The scenery in this level was already impressive. It's about to get much better.

From the point where you spawn, you'll want to look behind you. There's a barrel to destroy that reveals different things.

3 10 Health pick-ups are there in the demo. It's an ammo respawning spot in the final version.

Head forward and you'll get to a big area with a few houses, a pool, and a waterfall. There's some health, ammo, and life force to pick up in this area. One of the first things you saw when you teleported here was 8 red life force and an ultra health all on the roof of a building. The developers were sneaky about how you get up there. You'll want to aim your gun at the sky and shot all the seagulls. Yes as odd as it sounds, kill the 3 seagulls here. Be sure to pick up any health or life force they drop. Once all 3 are dead, you'll want to find the trail of 8 gold life force that's on the ground in this area. There will be a ladder to the right of that gold life force. Climb up that ladder and it'll lead you right to the life force and ultra health.

Well, that's what you do in the final version. This ladder is glitched in the demo version! You can climb up to the top of it, but you can't get off it and go forward. It's the strangest thing. I think it has to do with the demo not realizing the door there has opened. I'm pretty sure this is the only ladder with broken programming.

I've been keeping track of the amount of life force at each teleporter and I just want to leave a note about this. The 80 life force on top of that building is being counted in the final version, and not being counted in the demo. To my knowledge there's no way to reach that life force in the demo. It may be there, but it's uncollectable. Also, the life force from the seagulls is only being counted once. If you step into a teleporter and return, the seagulls will be back. You could kill them over and over again and get an unlimited amount of life force. That's ridiculous and won't be done in this guide.

Back to the game. Return to where you saw the trail of 8 gold life force and go up through the tunnel. There's an Endtrail to kill, and an ammo difference here.

5 arrows in the final version, a Pistol clip in the demo.

Once you're at the top you'll see a strange looking structure. That's the entrance to the talisman chamber. It's being guarded by an Endtrail in the final version and a Raptoid in the demo. The switch to open the chamber is on the wall nearby, and it's a bit different.

The switch is enormous in the demo! Hit the switch and the entrance to the talisman chamber will open.

Adon will say "Warp Portal Activated" and the text on screen will say "Portal Activated". Both of these things do not happen in the demo. In the final version you can now walk in there and a cutscene with Adon will explain what the purpose of the talisman's are. The demo says otherwise.

Enter the warp portal in the demo and you'll be greeted with the friendly message "Game Demo - No Access". When you're done here, take the nearby passage.

They'll be several Raptoids jumping at you when you reach the top. The building to your right oddly has a weapon difference.

A Shotgun in the demo and nothing in the final version. Strange, that it was removed and made into a big empty building. There's a difference up top though.

There's 4 red life force in the final version and 4 gold in the demo. I'm glad Acclaim made this game more forgiving by giving out more red life force. You really do need all the extra lives you can get for some of the harder levels.

You'll want to jump down, and continue down the road. Straight ahead is one odd difference.

There's 3 gold life force in the final version and an extra door in the demo. Hmm where does it lead?

Continue on the path destroying any enemies that get in your way. There's plenty of dead soldiers here that are absent in the demo. Also a minor life force difference behind the building.

Same amount of life force, it's just moved over.

Nearby you should see 3 10 health pick-ups. Jump off that ledge to reach a switch. A door behind the waterfall will open up revealing another key being guarded by an Endtrail in the final version. It's an empty pedestal guarded by nothing in the demo. You'll have to make your way back up now. Go to where the building was that had the Shotgun and 4 life force up top.

Take the right side this time. There'll be a switch to activate here which will open the door nearby. In the demo you'll see a Tek Bow and an Endtrail straight ahead. Kill him and pick up your new weapon. In the final version it's just the Tek Bow, but as soon as you go around the corner you'll find that Endtrail. This Endtrail moved just to keep things simple. There's an extra 3 Tek Arrows in the corner of the demo version which are not present in the final version.

This next area will involve sniping 4 different Endtrails from far away. The first one will be just around that first corner. It's where the final versions Endtrail was. Best way to kill him is to creep around the corner and put an arrow through his head. The second Endtrail will be sitting on top of the wall around that next big corner. Do the same. Killing him will open a door up. You'll also see another door not present in the final version.

You'll get that demo-exclusive door open in a moment, take the newly opened way. It'll lead you up top, but don't step out as there's two Endtrails that will shoot at you. One's to the left, and one's to the right in a very far away building. The one on the left is more oblivious and should be killed first. The one on the right is difficult to kill in the demo. That Endtrail is way off in the distance and demo's fog makes it real difficult. I swear you have to purposely lose health as the only way to kill him in the demo is to go closer and out in the open where you can actually see him. The fog is not as bad in the final version so this Endtrail is not difficult to kill. When that last Endtrail is dead, that demo-exclusive door will open. Before we jump down to it, there's one big change up top.

In the final version you'll see a big gap to jump across with 6 red life force. There's a primagen key on the other side to collect. In order to get this, you'll have to return to this level after getting the Leap of Faith from level 2. You'll find nothing interesting like that in the demo. No gap at all and only some Tek arrows to collect.

Another quick note regarding the life force counter. The 6 red life force there will not be counted for the final version. You're supposed to come back and get them later. I realize you can probably use your normal jump and collect the first 2, but let's keep it simple and not count any of them.

Getting close to the next teleporter. The two extra doors are connected in the demo. There are 6 10 health pick-ups between them. You'll want to get out of this sniping area and go back all the way past that house that had the moved over life force behind it. Go all the way ahead, make a right, and kill the Endtrail. There'll be a Teleporter and a Save Point here.

The demo is actually nice enough to tell you what it is this time.

Going in it will put the text "Save Point" on screen. The floor will actually works here as well. When you're done here, jump into the teleporter. Our life force count is up to 518 in the final version and 283 in the demo version.

This next area isn't too long. If you missed the Tek Bow then you'll get another chance to get one.

There'll be a Tek Bow right out in the open of the final version, and nothing in the demo. So where does the demo hide the Tek Bow?

Blow up that nearby barrel and you'll find it. In the final version this is an ammo respawning spot.

The Tek Bow comes in handy because there's several Raptoids and an Endtrail here. Once they're all dead, you'll need to climb that pile of broken stone and jump for the ladder. There's a switch up top which will open a secret wall that leads to the next child.

The next area has two minor differences. Here you're supposed to activate switches, kill enemies, activate more switches, and kill more enemies until the final switch opens the child's cage. There's one minor enemy difference which happens when you activate the second switch. In the final version you get attacked by a pair of Raptoids, in the demo you get attacked by Endtrails. Otherwise the enemies are all the same here. The next difference is a glitch that only happens in the demo.

If you started at the beginning of the game and have rescued the first two children, then this glitch will happen to you. When you rescue the 3rd child in the demo, Adon will say "Mission Accomplished. Well Done." It will be accompanied with some text squeezed onto one line saying "The Children are safe. Mission Complete." That's exactly what's supposed to happen when you rescue the 4th child, but this is the 3rd child! Why this glitch happens I have no idea, but Acclaim found it and fixed it for the final release.

Once the child is rescued, go back outside. There's another small ammo difference in that pile.

Arrows in the final version, a Pistol clip in the demo.

The next area has too giant statues with a pool in the center. The statues serve no purpose other than to make you appreciate how excellent the graphics are, and to make the game more immersive. Damn do those statues ever look cool. The only difference I've found in this area is that the waterfall is a lot louder in the final version. There's life force to collect in the pool.

Almost done here. There's two switches that will activate a secret passage. Going through it leads to life force and the next area of course, but in the final version the game acts like you went through a teleporter, and in the demo you just kinda appear in the next area. Odd difference. Your total amount of life force will be 539 in the final version and 304 in the demo.

The final version's waterfall will be loud here as well. As you enter the next area you'll see several explosions. There's one little ammo difference behind the house.

Arrows in the final version, a Pistol clip in the demo.

Hit the switch that's inside the house and go through the newly opened up door. There's a demo-exclusive explosion that you'll see just as you make your way out.

That was not easy to get a screenshot of!

There's one immediate change that was removed from the final version. As you approach the building you'll see this extra 10 health on some blocks.

In order to get the health, you have to drop down from the above window. That's in the demo anyway. The window and 10 health are not in the final version. Figuring out that you had to jump out the window to reach that 10 health is thinking outside the box and I think something like that should've stayed in the game.

This area has several changes with ammo and health placements. All of which are behind walls that need to be destroyed with barrels. Here's the nearest one:

30 health in the demo, 20 in the final. Both versions also have a Raptoid that jumps out.

There's a barrel on a corner nearby with differences.

40 bullets in the demo, 20 in the final version.

There's one more barrel on another wall with differences.

There's 12 life force in the final version. The demo has 10 life force, 3 Shotgun shells, and 10 health. Quite a change!

There's another silly little change that's also in this area.

A Pistol clip in the demo, and a dead soldier in the final version? Well that's kinda harsh.

Once you've collected all the ammo and health in the area, hit the switch in the building. If you go up the stairs, you'll see a box of Shotgun shells in a closet.

A Shotgun shell box that's changed sizes! It's so tiny in the demo. The Shotgun shell box contains 10 shells, even though you can clearly see it holding 12 of them. They made the box bigger because the 3 green Shotgun shells you'd often pick up were the exact same size as this box that contained 10. Didn't make a whole lot of sense to have them the same size.

That switch you hit will have lowered a bridge, unlocked a door, and released an Endtrail. Kill the Endtrail, and head for that bridge. On the other side of the bridge you'll get attacked by different enemies.

Across from you is a single Endtrail in the final version, and 3 Raptoids in the demo.

Kill everything you see and take the teleporter. Life force totals are up to 564 in the final version, and 327 in the demo.


The adventure doesn't end yet.

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Written by Kevin Ames
April 6 2013