On Top of the Wall in Windy Glitch in Conker's Bad Fur Day

Some of Rareware's later N64 releases tend to be rather bug free, especially Conker's Bad Fur Day. Unlike certain other cutscene driven games (*cough* Ocarina of Time *cough*), there aren't many opportunities for the drunken red squirrel to perform sequence breaks or get into otherwise inaccessible areas... Except for one instance. This feature covers a rather interesting glitch one can perform in the main area, called Windy. It allows you to explore the area on the very tall wall that surrounds the many exits to other worlds, Poo Mountain and the windmill.

A video accompanies this article and we recommend watching it to better understand certain aspects of the article and the glitch.

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Performing the Glitch

The steps to reach the top of the wall are somewhat simple, but rather difficult in practice. All you have to do is have the Heist chapter available, then play the scene "The Windmill's Dead". Once you appear in Windy, head over to the wasp hive. Unlike every other section of the game, for some very odd and unexplained reason, the hive holes are in different positions, which makes reaching the highest hexagon harder than normal. Also, the camera behaves oddly, it doesn't sit in the normal position like in the rest of the game. This glitch seems to be partly possible due to the extra height of the hexagon-shaped hole and the camera.

To even get up to the top hole, you have to perform a sliding high jump. All you do is press the Z button while walking or running, then do a high jump. By doing this, you can high jump outside of a platform and away from ceilings. It's simple, but can be pretty tricky to pull off. You can also crawl off a platform and do a high jump as well, if that makes things any easier.

From the top hole, you can perform the glitch. However, having only done it correctly three times, I can't say for sure how you do it exactly. I've gotten it to work by sliding high jumping up towards the wall, or just by simply falling back into the hole from a high jump, whereby falling through the platform and magically appear on the wall. The video shows the latter glitch. All I can say, if you are attempting this yourself, is to keep trying to reach the top of the wall, eventually the game will goof up and you'll appear up there.

Things you can do with the glitch

Although this is a very neat glitch, there aren't a whole lot of things to see and do. It's possible to walk around the entire circumference of the Windy area without falling back inside or off the map. Even places where the textures are transparent, Conker can walk on them. You can climb up on the two turrets at the entrance to the "It's War" chapter, but there aren't really any other structures up there. The nice view of all the fantastic background images is a real treat, so is looking back into the Windy area from such a high place. The last really notable thing you can do is try walking away from the Windy area. As you walk into the nothingness, with less and less for the game to display, it starts repeating previous textures, giving a weird visual effect. If you walk too far, Conker will literally fall off the map, the screen will go black and you will appear back where you first entered Windy from (such as the entrance to "It's War", losing a life in the process.

Written by Aaron Wilcott
March 16 2013