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Highest-Rated Cable Series on Comedy Central Arrives on N64 for the Holidays

Glen Cove, N.Y., (November 19, 1998) -- Gamers can now experience what life in the hit Comedy Central series "South Park" is like on their N64 or PC in full 3-D! Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKLM), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company, will ship the anxiously-awaited South Park action game on December 21 in time for this year's holiday season. The South Park game is based on the wildly successful television series and developed with the input of the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

"Acclaim has captured the show's true nature and I think "South Park's" fans will be thrilled," said Larry Lieberman, vice president of strategic planning and new business development at Comedy Central.

South Park is a hilarious, action-packed adventure game, which unfolds in five episode-based, single-player adventures. Gamers can choose to play as Kyle, Stan, Cartman or Kenny in single player mode, or select among a host of 20 South Park characters when engaged in multiplayer mode. The storyline begins when a mysterious comet, visible every 666 years, is discovered to be heading right for the quiet little town of South Park. The comet causes all kinds of silly mayhem: turkeys revolt and wreak havoc, robots attack the townspeople, and aliens abduct the town's cows. It is up to Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan to save the day and bring peace to South Park using a host of gadgets including a Cow Launcher, Sniper Chicken, snowballs, Terrance and Phillip dolls, and everyone's favorite - Mr. Hankey, the Christmas poo. Along the way, players encounter all of South Park's classic characters - Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat, Mephisto, and Chef.

Acclaim's Iguana Studio, South Park's developer, will utilize and build on technologies from its other games including Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, All-Star Baseball '99, and NFL Quarterback Club '99. The development team created its own proprietary speech compression technology in South Park in order to include the several hundred soundbites recorded by the show's creators exclusively for the game. South Park's game engine has been modified so that each character's emotions are shown in his facial animations, with dialogue synchronized to mouth movements. The development team is also working on PC and PlayStation versions, which will be released early next year.

"Acclaim is pleased to announce that the South Park game will reach store shelves in time for this holiday season," says Steve Lux, vice president of marketing at Acclaim Entertainment. "The development team worked long and hard to create a hilarious action-packed title that is sure to be on the top of gamers' holiday shopping lists."

Acclaim will support the launch of South Park with a multi-million dollar nationwide marketing campaign targeted to adult males including televised advertisements on Comedy Central's "South Park" cable show. Acclaim has also included an additional warning label on the game's box cover warning purchasers of South Park's adult content and language.

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