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Traditional Kart Racing Meets 4-Player Combat Mayhem On The Nintendo 64

CALABASAS, Calif. - February 4, 1999 - THQ Inc (NASDAQ NMS: THQI) is putting the pedal to the metal for the launch of "Penny Racers," the new racing adventure developed by Takara, the creators of the well-known "Chorro Q" series. Screeching into retail stores today, this kart racing/combat game is now available for the Nintendo 64 at all major retail outlets for the suggested retail price of $49.99.

"Penny Racers" enables players to construct and race their own vehicles through a nine- course racing circuit, including a track editor feature that offers unlimited course designs. Racing success is rewarded with accessory points that players apply toward a selection of 100 different parts and weapons upgrades. These upgrades enhance their vehicle racing and combat performance.

"The original 'Penny Racers' toy car, with its unique stunt capabilities, is unlike any toy car racer available," stated Steve Ryno, chief creative officer at THQ. "It was our goal to create an original Nintendo 64 racing game that incorporated what fans loved most about the toy series and include an in-depth vehicle modification system, a track editor and one-of-a-kind combat moves for a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging video game."

Rookie racers begin their career in Class C and must place third or above on every course in order to advance to the next class. Don't be fooled by "Penny Racers'" colorful cartoon car and course designs. While the game may look cute, advancing through each of the four classes means tougher courses, faster races and meaner combat action.

Accessory upgrades include high performance engines, tires, steering mechanisms, suspensions, armor and special weapons. All of these upgrades will be instrumental to every players' success as they are challenged with maneuvering through live volcanoes, dangerous avalanches, temperamental drawbridges and even volatile land mines dropped by rival racers.

Players can choose from Race Series, Time Trial and VS racing modes as they advance through each of the four racing classes, picking up speed and career-advancing accessory points along the way. Challenge an opponent or up to six computer-controlled cars in Race Series mode, race against the clock in Time Trial or experience two-four-player split-screen combat mayhem in VS mode.

The 4-player split screen option encourages "Penny Racers" players to perform moves like the "Barrel Roll," "Drifting" and "Power Slides" on their friends. To add insult to injury, the "Cannibalization" feature grants the winners of each race the option to acquire desirable parts from the losers.

"Penny Racers" is compatible with Controller Pak and Interact Dex Drive.

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