AeroGauge Press Release

January 1998

ASCII Entertainment Brings AeroGauge to the US

The Fastest, Futuristic Racing Game Blasts to the N64


ASCII Entertainment announces the release AeroGauge for the N64 in March 1998.

AeroGauge is the fastest racing game available for the Nintendo 64. Offering a multitude of courses and aeromachines, all with the ability to maneuver vertically and drive along a horizontal axis, AeroGauge provides the control needed in a graphically amazing, first class racing title.

This futuristic racing game has all the excitement and blood rushing speed you can get. With speeds that top 1,000k per hour, AeroGauge delivers a fast blazing, true tunnel-based action racing game. Some of the characteristics of the game are:

  • Speeds over 1,000k per hour
  • Vertical and horizontal movement
  • 5 Aeromachines, 5 hidden Aeromachines
  • 4 tracks, 2 bonus tracks
  • Each aeromachine has different attributes and abilities
  • Turbo mode
  • 2 player mode
  • Ghost mode

Each aeromachine can ride the walls, spin through tubes, slide along ceilings. Each aeromachine also has different abilities that vary according to acceleration, shield, speed, steering, stability, and aero limit, as well as different aesthetics and logos designed on them. The aeromachines will assume damage during the race from running into walls and bumping into other aeromachines, which can be repaired by taking a shield regeneration path during the lap.

Additional appealing attributes of gameplay are turbo boost starts and the ability to use turbo during a race by performing a controller combo. Look for AeroGauge to hit the N64 in March 1998.

ASCII Entertainment Background Information

ASCII Entertainment Software is the American wholly owned subsidiary of ASCII Corporation of Japan. Concentrating on the software division of ASCII Corporation's diversified high technology and mass media industries, ASCII Entertainment has carved out a niche in the U.S. and the rest of the video gaming world both in video game peripherals and software titles.

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Marketing Contact: Rob Fleischer