How to Use S-Paladin


S-Paladin is a bit different from the rest of the tools we have hosted here. This program is made specifically for converting ROMs from one region to another. It's most commonly used among N64 gamers to change an NTSC ROM to a PAL ROM. This program is easy to use and does not require any patches. All you need is the program S-Paladin itself, and the ROM that needs to be converted.

S-Paladin is not perfect. Your results will definitely vary as some ROM conversions work perfectly, and some might not work at all. To begin, please download and extract the above file. Once extracted, drag and drop the ROM that needs to be converted into the S-Paladin folder. You can then start the program by clicking the S-Paladin Application. The Program will look like this:

All files in the S-Paladin folder will be listed along with whatever ROM you wanted to convert. Now simply select what region you want the ROM to be and click the big Convert box. A new window will appear saying the file was converted. Now you should test your ROM out to see if the conversion worked.

Written by Kevin Ames
March 19 2014